What To Expect


The first consultation in homeopathy, also known as the initial homeopathic intake, lasts about two hours for chronic complaints and as long as needed in the case of acute complaints. It is the beginning of an often fascinating journey of healing and self-discovery. A well-performed initial assessment provides the homeopath a solid foundation to guide the patient through this journey.


The homeopath begins by listening to the details of the patient’s ailments as well as anything else that the patient feels is relevant to the case. In addition to eliciting objective symptoms relating to these complaints, the homeopath, through the use of many open-ended questions, encourages the patient to describe his or her exact experience of the illness or discomfort in progressively greater clarity, depth, and detail.

The aim of this interview process is for the homeopath to perceive the inner state of the patient, a single state that best points to the correct single prescription. This inner state is expressed through mind and body but is deeper than both. Although in everyday life many of us remain unaware of it, it is constantly expressed in the way we speak and interact with others, in what we choose to do in our spare time, in how we dress, and (often most clearly) in the content of our dreams.


Based on the information you provide, one homeopathic remedy will be selected which fits your individual constitution. This remedy is the best to stimulate your inner healing abilities. After a remedy is given the individual’s response is carefully observed and the remedy is changed only if necessary. Each individual experiences the reaction to the remedy in a different way. Usually the effects are gentle and gradual, though at times more rapid or dramatic changes occur. Since the remedies work to better your general health, you should not be concerned if local symptoms do not change right away. Occasionally a remedy will be given that is not a prefect fit. If this happens usually either only temporary improvements occur or nothing at all happens, however the follow-up visit will usually reveal the correct remedy. Sometimes the action of the remedy is so dramatic people feel like they are well and that they need no further attention to their health. This initial reaction shows that the person can get well. However, consistent follow-up is essential to insure long lasting health. If there are any concerns about what is happening after taking a remedy, please call.
These medicines should be taken under the advice and diagnosis of a Qualified Homeopath.