Length of Treatment

How long will it take for me to get better and achieve ideal health?

Homeopathic treatment is based on the totality of your physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Long-term homeopathic forecasts are quite reliable, as most chronic conditions (whether or not they are considered medically curable) do eventually yield to homeopathic treatment on a timeline that can roughly be estimated.

This depends largely on several key factors:

1. The severity of your physical pathology.
2. How long ago did the first sign of your condition emerge
3. What is the causality of your symptoms. (is it hereditary, environmental, emotional etc)
4. What is  your level of vitality
5. What is your nature, temperament, lifestyle
6. How well you follow the homeopaths direction

A rule-of-thumb often used by homeopaths is that it takes a month of treatment for every year the illness has been present.

When a patient presents with complaints with a strong miasmatic basis, these can still be addressed with homeopathy, but the timeline grows longer and becomes harder to predict. The Negative energetic imprint transferred from the parents to the child alongside other qualities, infuses the child with undesirable physical or behavioral tendencies.