What is a Miasm?

Miasms are key to understanding chronic disease.

[What is a Miasm ?]

A miasm is an inherited predispositon towards chronic illness that is triggered when the right environmental conditions are brought into play. In holistic medicine, it is believed that everything external effects the internal and vise versa. If someone has an internal sycotic or"hyper" tendency, they also have an external "hyper" tendency. That being said, miasms are involved in hidden determining physical, emotional and mental traits. They are the foundation of chronic illness.


[Psoric Miasm]

Psora originated from scabies or "the itch".

reaction of body on exposure to environmental stimuli to ones surroundings like noise, light, and odors, producing functional disturbances like headache, nausea, and discomfort.

[Sycotic Miasm]

hypersensitive response to something specific arising from a deficiency of the normal response like tumors, allergies, keloids. Deficient feeling gives rise to an increased attempt to repair the fault.

The sycotic miasm is hydrogenoid, characterised by over function. It came come from gonorrhoea or suppressed gonorrhoea from previous generations, or can be acquired or induced by vaccination or antibiotics.

It particularly affects the pelvic and sexual organs (causing appendicitis, nephritis, prostate problems) or generative organs (with ovarian cysts and fibroids, leucorrhoea, salpingitis and dysmenorrhoea). It can also lead to anaemia and diabetes, and affect kidneys, liver and gall bladder, or the joints with arthritis, rheumatism and gout.

The characteristics are over production, yellow green discharges, growths, blood diseases, fatigue, and mind symptoms with crossness, irritability and cruelty and anger. Irritability is worse in the rainy season. Sycotic people overdo everything, want too much, are greedy, have a bad memory, and are hurried. The skin is shiny and greasy. The person is worst for rest, rain, damp, cold, 4-6am, and midday to midnight, and better for movement, for elimination.

[Syphilitic Miasm]

Not manageable, finding destruction like gangreen, ulceration. Body and mind destroy itself, give-up.

The syphilitic miasm is characterized by destruction. Homeopathic treatment can’t undo the damage, but can stop the trait being passed on.

Symptoms are worse at night, worse from sunset to sunrise, and worse for the heat of the bed. The person is self-destructive, may be suicidal, has no itch but skin eruptions that can ulcerate, and is worse for elimination.

There may be a great fear of the night, and a tendency to negative thoughts, and the patient may be always washing their hands.

[Tubercular Miasm]

Respiratory imbalance, weak lungs, offensive, headsweat, worse with exposure to cold, re-occurring epistaxis, bleeding gums, long eyelashes, craving for salt, enuresis, bleeding stools, milk disagrees causing diarrhea, anemic, weakness, ringworm, acne, white spots on nails, nightmares.

Often called pseudo-psora. Whilst the Tubercular Miasm has its own identity, it can become combined with the other three miasms. AIDs and hyperkionesia are related to this miasm.

Affects ear, nose and throat, lungs, and kidneys. The patient is always tired, averse to work, and wants constant changes. He may suffer from recurrent colds, ear infections and catarrh, and have thick yellow/green discharges, and have a hard, dry cough during sleep. The patient may be thin but hungry, may have a china doll face, and be constantly chilly. There may be a history of tuberculosis in the family. There may be childhood eczema and itching, worse for bathing and undressing.

He will be constantly chilly, have a very active mind, be discontented and restless, and loves travel. He may have a fear of animals, especially cats and dogs, and have an unreasonable fear of medical examination. He will like the open air and open windows, there may be thick, yellow discharges which smell cheesy, and there may be constant catarrh.

He may thrive better on fats and fat food, not be able to easily digest starched, and may have an intolerance to milk, but crave cold milk Symptoms may be worse with cold, wet weather and dampness.

[Cancer Miasm]

The mental features of this miasm are panic, worry to extreme, fastidiousness, obsession and depression. There may be unhappiness, suppression, excessive pressure, and the person may never have been happy.

Children may have moles, blue sclerotics, a pale complexion, and café au lait spots.

The patient may be better or worse at the seaside, and worse 1-6pm. There may be a craving or aversion to pork, salt, milk, eggs, fat, meat or fruit. The person may desire eggs, but be worse for eating them.