Thursday, January 26, 2012

a new path

some of you know me from 'a bit of whimsy'. i have neglected my whimsical whisperings and temporarily abandoned my other blog. i will be back soon. in the past i have written about all things lovely, inspirational, vintage and anything gently tugging at my heart.

my personal health struggles however have led me down a new path. i have become an admirer, student and practitioner of a 200 year old medical art and science known as 'Classical Homeopathy'. it involves soul as well as body. after a long struggle with chronic fatigue and systemic candida, i  reclaimed my reservoir of inner strength

since i was 2 years old it was clear that i wasn't a quitter. this time i became close! giving up would have been easier. there were days i was prepared to crawl under a river-rock and share it if i had to with a slimy earthworm to lick my wounds. or just disappear into the clouds. anything was better than facing daylight and being stripped off my identity, my freedom to be creative, my usefulness as a mother and otherwise. i think when you are robbed off all your vital energies you eventually fold, or you begin searching and reach in more deeply.

i always believed that our physical health is directly linked to our mental and emotional state. so i began searching for this connection in more depth. it was nothing big like global issues, war and peace or world hunger, but big enough to wreck my body of its proper function and harmonious, baroque like rhythm. i looked inward, resolved family issues, tried harder to communicate my needs. made peace with old nagging thoughts of hurt or guilt.

and since i like to read. i did that. i read the  lessons on mindfulness in medicine, began to read about natural approaches to cure,  homeopathy and all its powers, about detoxing. i visited a professional homeopath. and than something extraordinary happened:

i healed. by then i had learned a lot:

lesson #1: listen to your body, and honor what it needs!
lesson #2: the first step into healing, is the willingness to heal.

my life has changed. i started an affair and fell deeply in love with homeopathic medicine. i took the leap and began an intensive 4 year study at the homeopathic academy in san diego, california. now i'm continuing my studies at the international academy of homeopathy (alonissis, greece). i am finishing my clinical education in santa cruz, california.

this blog is a documentation of my discoveries, studies and beliefs. i will talk out loud about vulnerability, natural cures, the connection between body and soul and about being imperfect.

i invite you to join me on a path to healing. as in any journey, there is risk; any deepening of character necessitates a loss. nonetheless, initiating such a journey remains a watershed, an outpouring of unanticipated grace, an indelible opportunity to drink from the deep well of your life.” Heal Thyself: Lessons on Mindfulness in Medicine by Saki Santorelli

be well,


Pesky Cat Designs said...

So here you are! I just so happened to go to your Whimsy blog today. I got concerned when I saw you had not posted in a year. Then I saw the link to this blog. What timing since I just saw that you posted your first entry yesterday. I am now your first follower here as well.
I was always so happy to go to your Whimsy blog and get inspired by all the beauty you would find and post about. I am so happy to read that you have been busy studying and have been healing. I look forward to your posts here. Wishing you continued good health, happiness and much love! You deserve it. :)

Hearthandmade said...

i just randomly found your whimsy blog through weheartit... and then i clicked over here.

I have suffered from CFS from april 2009, when i developed seizure attacks. Originally the seizures were what was being investigated and i kept getting more and more and more fatigued to the point where i couldnt move and was suffering from these seizures almost daily. It took over a year to be diagnosed and i have attended a group therapy fora while but i was too ill to attend and the ot developed private sessions which helped me manage my condition but i can still do very little. Its such a struggle and i dont really get to talk to anyone else who suffers from it so im glad i found you

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to have discovered your healing journey blog today. I too have been seeking alternative medicine for healing and am under the care of a Nauturopathic Dr.
I will become a follower and am excited for your new found occupation. We need more of this in the US, as the Western medicine seems to mask the issue and not resolve and cure it.
I have a sister in law that has treated an extreme case of Breast Cancer through alternative health choices and changing her food and lifestyle and she's survived 3 years thus far, and had a bleak diagnosis had she gone the Western route with removal, chemo, radiation, etc.
So excited to learn more through your blog and will be referring you to my friend as well.
Be blessed~



thank you for your kind comments and yes, a lot of conditions could be treated with great success if people were more familiar with alternative treatments. There is a lot to be done. I am so happy to hear about your sister in law's story - and so many times we find ourselves at the mercy of the allopathic Doctors - thinking we have no other choice but to take their advice. Thank you for visiting. Be well, Gina